2018 Open house

Posted by John and Kim on Sep 10th 2018

I have found that over the years if I wanted it to rain, I washed my car.  Since Kim and I took over ownership we have had two open houses and two hurricanes.  In an effort to avoid another hurricane in our area this season we are going to forego holding an open house in 2018.  I feel bad for other areas of the country, but I know all on the Space Coast will appreciate our sacrifice.

Instead we are working on process and equipment improvements that began when Kim and I purchased Coastal.

  • Continue the installation of LED lighting.
  • Continue the use of ethylene scrubbers in the coolers.
  • Cooler Cams.
  • 24/7 Monitoring of Temperature and humidity levels in the coolers.
  • Purchasing a new stem cutter that improves flower hydration and preserves stem length.
  • Installing a hot water sanitization system for all floral buckets.

We are planning additional improvements and we will let you know as they get formalized.  Please check your emails to take advantage of our Farm Direct and special pricing events.

Thank you for your continued business.